Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here it is, your portal of doom into the dark caverns of our stygian warehouse.

At this new Megalith Games Mail Order you can make your mail order purchases and stay up to date on special offers.

The Web-store is now accepting pre-orders for the six exquisite starter-boxes and the box set containing the rules and background book.

After the release of Godslayer on 1st October 2012, the mail order will also contain all future products as well as special deals and offers!

And here is the best thing about it:
Take advantage of the pre-order deal - all purchases made before 1st of October benefit from our pre-release 10% discount!

All pre-orders will ship around the 28th-30th of September (exact date still to be fixed) to coincide with Godslayer's tentative release date of 1st of October.

Take your chance and get your hands on a starter box to be one of the first to discover the world of Calydorn!
And the world shall tremble in fear...
...for primal savagery shall inherit an intellect.

Banebrood have ever been feared for their savage strength and relentless brutality, but the Gorelord is a new step in Beastspawn evolution, with tactical acumen and three abilities/tactics to boost the effectiveness of his troops.

The Gorelord is nothing less than a one-"man" slaughterhouse.
Mongrels are the scum de la scum of Beastspawn armies, being vile mixtures of numerous beasts.

Scum they may be but beware, for scum has sharp fangs drenched in foul diseases and wields a nasty weapon in each hand!

The vileness and savagery of the Maldire Mongrels is vividly brought to life in these four premium sculpts

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What these militia warriors lack in skill, they make up for in speed and agility.

Bladeslingers are armed with long, double-handed spears combined with a staff-sling, making them a very versatile unit within the Wyldfolk warband which can fight in melee and also fling a hail of rocks at the enemy.

These four beautiful sculpts convey the grace and speed of the Wyldfolk in action.

Check them out in 360° here.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Even the filthy Beastspawn shun Pestbringers for they live in cesspools of rotting carcasses, where they incubate new strains of diseases to be unleashed upon civilization.

Nevertheless, every Banebrood Warlord appreciates the value of one of these sick pariahs, for their plagues can be passed to fellow pack members (who are themselves immune) and who then infect enemies during battle.

Feast your eyes on this faithful representation of the Pestbringer.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Pendragon is the first of the Wyldfolk warlords, one which typifies the Wyldfolk's preference for speed and skill over armor and brute force.

In addition to his considerable combat skills, the Pendragon has access to bows and possesses four abilities/tactics designed to boost Wyldfolk of Annyr Warbands.

Ready for action, this sculpt conveys the pride and resolute independence of the Wyldfolk people.

Have a look at the 360° image here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Strike up the bagpipes and march to war with the new Bard of Aynnsing character.

Bards are revered individuals among the Annyr - the guardians of the Wyldfolk's culture, which they commit to memory in verse and music.

During wartime they motivate and incite their comrades to glorious deeds.

Take a look at the 360° image here.

Monday, July 23, 2012

They are called "Brutes" by their enemies and their allies for a god reason; don't go looking for finesse or tactical versatility here!

These overbearing purveyors of pain win by pure force, of which they have plenty!

We hope these awesome sculpts thrill you as much as they thrill us!

For your viewing pleasure, we present the preview of the Ironhide Brutes in 360°.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Feral Hammerfist earned its name for good reasons, so beware!

This character is part of the Troglodytes faction and is a handy fellow to have on the team with his potential 6 attacks per turn and the ability to knock down enemy models within 1 inch of him.

Check out the ferocity of this model in our latest 360 preview.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This warlord of the Troglodytes Trolloth Sub-faction is a killing machine to throw at the enemy.

Wrapped in armor of Iron and built like a bull, the Duskborn Chieftain can go the distance, absorbing tons of punishment.

This sculpt exudes power and menace - a must for your Troglodytes warband!

See him in 360° here.
We have uploaded a bunch of gaming materials for your personal use!

You are now able to download the starter box profile and item cards of each of the six Godslayer factions as well as the specific tokens and area of effect templates!

Please visit our download section for more details.

Monday, July 16, 2012

We've added our download section to the website today and to start with, you can download our first wallpaper!

More downloads such as game tokens, profile cards, etc. will follow these days!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hoplites represent the core of the city-states' forces.

Despite their rudimentary fighting skills, they represent a formidable unit due to their equipment, armor and tactics.

When formed up in phalanx, the Hoplites really come into their own.

We are proud to preview these four beautiful sculpts which make up the Hoplite unit.

Check them out in full 360° images here!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Legions on the march

They form the backbone of the Mortan Legions and are withstanding even the heaviest charges!

The Mortan Legionnaires are on the march and will conquer whatever is in their way under the banner of the Calva Atlata!

Have a look at the four different models in a full 360° image here!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Taking the fight to the enemy

The Syntarch is a warrior extraordinaire trained to motivate and enhance units of the warband or take down enemy character or even warlord models.

Beautifully rendered, this sculpt conveys the Syntarch's specialties of counterstriking and leading comrades in charges.

Have a look at the full 360° image here!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Demarchon is the latest model available for preview - the first warlord of the noble Halodynes faction.

A tactical leader for any Halodyne warband, the Demarchon is also a great melee fighter, making him a good all-rounder.

This fantastic sculpt embodies the dynamic power and classical style of the Halodyne City-States.