Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Although the Valkyrie was blown of course by the winds of fate, she has now made it to the battle!

Just in time to bring some needed support to the Nordgaard. Yes, we had some challenges getting this one exactly how we wanted it, and so she is being released a few weeks later than planned... but better late than never.

I think you will agree that such a great lady is worth waiting for.

This herald of the New Gods has powers to heal and even resurrect models.

Not only that, she's also pretty handy in combat with her quick movement, 2-inch melee range and ethereal rule.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Today we are excited to officially unveil the new warlord of the Troglodytes faction - the Obsidian Nightmare.

These creatures of living Shadow seek nothing less than to exterminate humanity due to the threat mortals pose to cosmic balance.

To accomplish this they lead forces of Shadow Trolls and other Troglodytes on clandestine missions or into open battle.

As well as being near indestructible, the Obsidian Nightmare is a decent melee fighter and a spellcaster of Shadow Magic.

If that were not enough, he also has the possibility to protect friendly models by concealing them from view.

Feast your eyes on this evocative sculpt.