Monday, March 25, 2013


It has been a long time until this model finally was finished! We had so many issues with it that we needed to pass it to different sculptors in order to get it the way we wanted it!

But now that's nearly over and one of our best sculptors is currently doing the last fine touches on it!

We hope that you like how the Valkyrie for the Nordgaard turned out so far! It will be the first model of the Skannfyrd sub-faction and will be released in April.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


There is nowhere to hide from the Lighteater, for it is lives among the Shadows and consumes light.

This magical creature is just what Troglodyte players need to put fear into the hearts of their enemies.

With its umbral abilities and tactics, the Lighteater can obscure areas with Haze effects and cast enemies into a pall of gloom.

The Lighteater is a perfect support character for Troglodytes warbands of every subfaction.

This awesome sculpt aptly conveys its ancient and terrifying origins.

The wait is almost over as the Lighteater will soon be released!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


In advance of the coming Legio Mortum release comes the Necromagus as vanguard of the Mortans undead Magistratum subfaction.

This necromancer who dwells in the gateway between life and death is exactly what you need to support your undead Mortan models with his spells and his ancestral powers.

Besides that, the Necromagus also has access to spells to enhance your regular living models, so is a very useful character for any Mortan warband.

This macabre and majestic sculpt embodies the brooding malice of the Necromagus.

Coming to your tabletop soon!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The Banebrood receive a magical upgrade this month with the addition of the Fallow Shaman.

This malevolent spell-caster has a choice of two spells from the eleven spells of the mutation spell-sets and can also boost mutation spells to their horrifying upgrade effects.

Not only that, he can enhance his spell-casting abilities by sucking the life out of people nearby.

The Shaman can be used to buff your own troops with spells such as Long Legs, Bulging Biceps and Exoskeleton or can be used to harm enemies with spells like Atrophy, Cripple and Jellify!

This fearsome Beastspawn stands 45mm tall.

You can view the 360 image here.

Monday, March 4, 2013


That's the sound of your enemies being crushed to death by the direct-damage attacks of your Feral Fleshpounder!

Facing heavy infantry? No problem. The Fleshpounder is accustomed to pulverizing its food before eating. For this feral monster, armored warriors are nothing more than cans of fresh meat.

This awesome creature for the Troglodytes faction stands 85mm tall and is cast in metal. And by the way, the sculptor won first prize with this dynamic sculpt at Italy's Lucca ComixAndGames convention.

You can see it in its full glory here