Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The Scorpio delivers oak bolts tipped with arrowheads of steel which can slam through shield and armor of bronze and still impale the unlucky victim.

A handy war-machine to have in your Mortan warband which will intimidate your enemies and cause many opponents to abandon their well-laid battle-plans.

Here it is in all its glory; check out the 360° view:


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Soon we will release the core unit and trooper boxes of each of the starter box units and from now on you can pre-order them all!

Since we cannot guarantee that the release date will be 29th November, we scheduled the stuff for the 6th December, to be on the safe side. If the release should be earlier, we will of course release it before 6th December and you will get any of your pre-orders earlier as well!

Please note that we also make single miniatures of units available for you in our mail oder! You can find them underneath each of the faction sections:

Megalith Games Mail Order

Core Unit Boxes

Trooper Boxes